Check permissions

Check User Permissions

Here, you will be guided in detail on how to log in to IAM User, specifically user EC2-admin-user.

  1. Log in to IAM console by following the link
  2. In the left navigation bar, select User
  3. Select EC2-admin-user


  1. Select the Security credentials tab, copy the link to login for the user next to Summary


  1. Open a browser tab in incognito mode or open a different browser than the browser you are using. Then, access the link just copied above.

  2. Use username and password for user EC2-admin-user to log in.

  3. Repeat steps 1-6 to log in to other users in turn

  4. After successful login, you will do the following tests to make sure the users are configured correctly:

    • EC2-admin-user: successfully launched an EC2 instance
    • RDS-admin-user: successfully launched an RDS instance
    • Group-user: successfully launched an EC2 instance and an RDS instance
    • No-permission-user: can’t use any service