Configure Switch role


In this step, you will configure the lab44-RoleFullAccess role to allow No-permission-user user to use this role.


Switch role configuration

  1. Access the IAM console page at the link
  2. In the left navigation bar, select Users
  3. Click on user No-permission-user, copy information User ARN


  1. In the left navigation bar, click Roles, then select the newly created IAM Role lab44-RoleFullAccess.

  2. Select the Trust relationships tab and select Edit trust relationship


  1. Add AWS with information as User ARN of user No-permission-user as shown below. Then click Update Trust Policy


  1. Thus, the No-permission-user user can already use the lab44-RoleFullAccess role. To check assume role, do the following:
    • Log in user No-permission-user, then click on the user’s name in the right corner of the screen, select Switch Role
    • At the Switch Role screen, enter the required information.
    • Click Switch role to assume role for user No-permission-user.
    • Perform access to basic services such as EC2 or RDS to confirm successful Switch role configuration. With AdministratorAccess access, No-permission-user user can now use any service.