Create Admin IAM Role

In this step, you will create an IAM Role with Admin rights.

Create Admin IAM Role

  1. Log in to the IAM console by following the link
  2. In the left navigation bar, select Roles, then click Create role
  3. Under Select type of trusted entity, select AWS Service. Under Choose a use case, select EC2. Then, select Next: Permissions.

    Just to clarify, trusted entity is an entity that is allowed to assume a role. Although what we want for a trusted entity is IAM User No-permission-user, there is no direct option for this, so we choose EC2.


  1. In the Attach permissions policies section, find and select AdministratorAccess. Then, select Next: Tags.


  1. Skip the step of assigning tags and click Next: Review

  2. On the Review page, enter the name of the Role as lab44-RoleFullAccess. Then, click Create role to finish the Role creation process